Meet the Photographer:

Welcome! My name is Rich Erixon. I'm a father, photographer, teacher, and writer living in Denver, CO. I've spent the past twenty years portraying the world in pictures, all of its grandeur and minute detail. I've also spent the past sixteen years teaching kids of all ages. So, for me, <i>portrait photography</i> is the perfect match of everything I've learned so far.

Philosophy and Style:

I prefer to portray life as it happens, capturing you on your terms, in your environments. My clients are encouraged to have fun and just be themselves. I have to admit, I tend to have a lot of fun myself during the photo shoots. If I must ninja roll on the ground or climb into a tree to get the perfect shot, well, so be it.

However, I fully understand that a more mature tone is often required. For family pictures, senior portraits—and often teen portraits—I will gladly meet prior to the shoot to get a better understanding of the desired feel of the session.

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